Club’s benefits

In Judo club »Z’dežele Sankaku« we also provide trainings to foreigners. Which are the benefits for Judokas from other countries?

  • Trainings are held twice a day
  • You will be training with the first team of Judo club Sankaku
  • Gym is located 5 km from the center of Celje and is located in the nature, only 2 minutes from bus stop
  • Winter resort Rogla (1578 m) is 1 hour away by car
  • 30 minutes to Sports Rafting Center Prodnik
  • 20 minutes run to Šmartinsko Lake
  • The possibility of free accomodation for the judokas in our club
  • In our club is also possible to use Fitness center and Internet
  • Food is provided in the nearby restaurants, at reasonable prices (Picikato, Gostilnica,…)
  • As our guest, you will have the possibility to visit tourist attractions (Old castle, Cave Pekel, Sports Museum, Šmartinsko Lake,…)


  • You need your own transportation
  • You are the member of your national team
  • You have your all personal documents (Passport, Health Insurance,…)
  • You are ready to regulary and undisturbed participate on club’s trainings

Opportunities for participation: 

  • Only in the time agreed with the head of the club.

How to reach the top of success?

We all first think of the sportsman’s talent. In Judo, this usually doesn’t apply. In most of the cases, the first that we lost were talents. Let’s see what is the recipe for success in this sport?

On the beginning, a good Judo school is very important, because it gives a lot of knowledge untill cadets. Let’s skip all the actions till seniors. The athlete’s will for trainings is the most important at this age, for which we need sufficient motivation.Regular visit on trainings twice a day is the recipe for just a taste of strongest competitions. If you want more, you have to do more. The conditions for »more« is: consistent, fast, strong, steady, regular!

Thus, when others can’t go forward, you go even further, because in yourself you don’t give up and you don’t know the word can’t.

Besides, you always come on training first, and leave the last. You always ask yourself what can you do for your teammates and not what can they do for you (don’t forget that your teammates – sparrings are a condition for success). If you decided to become a champion, that’s enough for now.

Our coaches and instructors

All the coaches who run the club, have conducted coaching or instructor exams. During their absence, other coaches or instructors replace them, so that trainings are never cancelled.

All our coaches and instructors have years of experience in their own competing carrier and in leading classes and trainings. Most of the coaches and instructors are still competing, therefore their experiences are even richer.

They get most of the experiences abroad, a lot of knowledge was also brought to us by Japanese coaches. Shinobu Ishihara was in our club for 5 years, Jukiko Honda a little less. Since 2001 we also cooporate with a coach Jennifer Gal, Olympic medalist and with a degree in Judo coaching from Holland, who is currently a coach of Swiss Judo Team.

For coordination of all selections and the first team is taken care of by Fabjan Marjan with a coaching degree, the best Woman coach of the year 2009, selected by European Judo Union.

Our coaches are also active in Slovenian Judo Federation. Fabjan Marjan is the director of all teams and Trbovc Igor is a selector and a coach of Junior Team.

Judo-z-deele-cdr-12About Judo Club Z’dežele Sankaku

Some people know all about it, others wrote historical books about victories. I will talk…

About the victory. The moment of triumph on tatami – how to go on? A lot of fighters afford joy out loud, very clearly, without shame, but there are also fighters, that know how to keep the joy and success inside – with the sparkle in their eyes and sealed lips.

Actually, a lot happens with the smile – the judoka first needs to catch sight of the coach and comunicate with him without words, then calmly look forward, set right the judogi and then comunicate without words with it’s coach again.

urka_olimpijadaThoughts are directed only to one thing – victory; even though the fight was worth the victorious scream or at least raising hands, the eye is focused, the body is upright. Here comes the final Rei, handshake and leaving the tatami. Walking to the coach, who shake his hand, whispers in his ear, the latter pays attention and nods and backs off from the scene in style.

She is the winner. He is the winner. Judoka of Judo club »Z’dežele« Sankaku Celje, who (still) writes the longest story in the history of Slovenian Judo.

Years ago, there was born a Judo club, who has more then 300 members today and breathes with the city with around 48 000 inhabitants. It was built in the village, near fields and woods, on it’s own land. Slowly, but steadily there was built Budokan Fabjan, which was the final result of the material aid funds by the Mayor and mostly by the people that believed in Victory…

lucija_olimpijadaAnd such people, are now waking up in the winning mornings. Daily efforts and hard work, resignations because of trainings, etc. brought to the club:

  • 2 olympic medals
  • Title of Woman European champions by clubs 2009
  • 40 European and Worlds medals
  • Dominance in national rivalry

All of that is possible! And it did happen! Once a very interested children, are a shiny stars on the European and Worlds Judo sky today… And they still didn’t finish their story, as a matter of fact, they write it again and again everyday and combine a unique Judo mosaic.

Join us! If you are ready to believe and see (in order to do that, you need to look with your heart), then you can say this is a victorious story.


Trener-2The history of Judo Club »Z’dežele« Sankaku Celje

The founder and the guru of Slovenian Judo, Marjan Fabjan, started thinking about his own Judo school in the end of the 80′s, right after he came back from Austria.

Strongly determined to make his wish come true, after people from then existing local clubs did not accept his »different« approach to training and understanding of Judo in general, he opened his own Judo section »TVD Partizan 19. September – Ostrožno« in 1990.

First they trained in the surrounding forests. Nature is, as Marjan still believes, a space where there are no limits, not physical or mental. It is the environment from which we are pumping powers and even now a lot of trainings are taking place outside, which is one of the specialty of today’s World famous »Fabjan Judo school«.

However, the nature didn’t suffice the needs of a growing number of the devotees. Marjan’s neighbour helped a lot by giving away the half demolished house to young enthusiasts. A little later they began to train in fire station Lopata. Soon, even this location wasn’t suitable anymore – they moved in the house of Antlog from Ostrožno, which was the most suitasble location at that time.

However, Marjan always had a desire to own a gym – practice facilities. Therefor, in the 1992 he built the very interesting building Budokan Fabjan – the »House of World-class Judokas« – on Lopata 12 (where he was also born and still lives).

After a number of administrative problems, Marjan Fabjan finally registered the club in 1990, under TVD Partizan 19. September – Ostrožno. They had to hand over the list of all the members that established the club quite a few times, because some did not suit the current political structures.

That’s why it is very hard to write down if the members were those who helped raise up the club or those who were offically confirmed. In any case, some of them were: Marjan Fabjan – the main driving force, Slavko Đaković, Ivi Knafelc, Peter Bevc, Dušan Kačičnik, Tomaž Romih, Ciril Počivalšek, Matjaž Setnikar, Boris Mihelčič, Janko Oštir, Dušan Oprešnik, Igor Ratajc, Vladislav Žnidar, Jože Tratnik, Jože Kovačič, Rajko Đaković and others. 

There was also a lot of objections from Slovenian Judo federation of that time, specially because a lot of Judokas left Ivo Reya with Fabjan. Soon after they started up the club, Fabjan’s Judokas started giving hard times to »big« judo centres. According to the present situation and to avoid the continuing conflict and rivalry, Fabjan decided to set up a woman’s section, that didnt exist in Celje before, because they were all focused on the selection of man.

Simultaneously with the transfer of the existing building to Budokan Fabjan, Lopata 12, there was also a change in the name of the club. It was renamed to Judo klub SANKAKU, which in Japanese symbolize the triangle. That’s how they finally started with undisturbed exercise, which was and still is (actually now even more) especially within the professional side on the World level, as evidenced by the numerous successes and results, we can check in the statistics of the club.

Today, the club has around 340 members of different ages. Ther most of them are kids, who train under the guidance of 20 teachers and trainers. Because the exercise of everybody isn’t possible in the center Budokan Fabjan, the center in Ostrožno works very well (it has been renovated multiple times since 2006; currently there is placed attractive and the only existing fitness for kids in Slovenia), beside 12 sections in Celje surroundings. In this way the children don’t initially need to drive to Celje, but trainers come to them. Trainings for the youngest are 2 times a week, for young cadets 3 times a week, while the best seniors train every day.

Today, a lot of young and successful athletes write the history, who still have a shiny future. But to be honest – All of that would not exist, if there wouldn’t be a man standing behind all of it with a vision and of course »hard skin«, fighter till the end and the maker of not easy, but hard way – Fabi – the most known under this name!